Max Jaffe

drummer, human being



I can host or come to you, or we can do Skype lessons. Rates are affordable and flexible depending on each student's individual situation

I have discovered along my journey in life through music that I have a great passion, acuity, and fondness for inspiring young people who may be curious about a life in music for themselves.

I have taught private drum lessons since the age of 17, including while I was obtaining a BFA from The New School. I’m currently available for private lessons.

In 2012-2013, I was enlisted as music co-ordinator for Komai’s Music For Malawi Initiative. I was in charge of developing a curriculum for the program, generating support from The New School as a partner, and of course teaching classes while in Malawi. The experience was life changing in ways that I'm still processing…

In 2015, I was asked to teach at the Stanford Jazz Workshop and was fortunate to return in 2016. I developed a course for all instruments and all age groups that drew from my experiences as an improviser and composer across many genres. The passion and excitement that these students brought every day created a beautiful environment for us all to share inspiration and spread it beyond the camp! Sometimes stuff like this happened…

Here is a videologue from my month in Malawi: