Max Jaffe

drummer, human being

on jobs

“’JOBS’ give us the band as a social organ in which content and form both follow this commitment of an adaptive, decentralized process. For ‘JOBS’, sociality is the thing of life” - Tiny Mix Tapes

 “delightful and confounding in the best possible way” - Pitchfork


on giant beat

“An insane display of improvisation is a brilliant harbinger that not everything will be in our control, nor will everything work out the way we plan or think. And it’s better that way.” - Ears to feed

“captivating contribution to the burgeoning contingent of solo drummers experimenting with electronics” - Tiny mix tapes


on elder ones

“This is vicious music for tense times.”

“Elder Ones can be seen as something more than a talented group of players. They represent a step forward in the long and proud tradition of avant-garde jazz.”