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I joined up with producer Jeremy Malvin, aka CHROME SPARKS, to be a part of his live show in 2018 and have since toured extensively with him. Utilizing the Sensory Percussion system, I am able to provide live versions of the electronic beats that are heard on his recordings. He’s also trained me to be a better ping pong player.


leverage models

Founded by Shannon Fields (Stars Like Fleas, Helado Negro), this band toured extensively between 2012-2015 to support a series of EPs and a brilliant debut self-titled LP. and then entered a lengthy hiatus. In this time, a second EP, Whites, was released towards the end of 2018. For a time, the lineup of this band was essentially Shannon + killer BOB, an early version of JOBS, and Shannon provided immense guidance and support throughout that transition.



CHIVES is a trio that represents the collective musical output of bassist Matthew Wohl, multi-reedist Steven Lugerner, and myself. Our music is a continuation of the jazz trio continuum - yet CHIVES’ repertoire is heavily influenced by the world of songwriting. Our third recording, Yeaux, was released on Primary Records in October 2016 and was supported by a west coast tour.

“They’ve developed an intimate rapport, and they show it off expertly on their terrific albums. They’re a limber group, and the rhythm section brings elasticity and bounce to the alternately airy and driving grooves as Lugerner tangles with the themes, sometimes playing inside them and sometimes soaring far afield.” - Peter Margasak The Chicago Reader


in one wind

In One Wind was a band founded by good friend Angelo Spagnolo while we were still in college. My first real touring experiences were with this band. From 2009-2013, we criss-crossed the Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast many times, and my first nationwide tour was with this crew. This was more like a family than a band, and I have eternal love for these people and this music!


normal love

Normal Love was founded in Philadelphia before I even moved to the East Coast. Amnon D. Freidlin was a co-founder and also played in ZS when we first met. I was obviously super impressed, checked out his band, and immediately became a huge fan. Years later he’d ask me to try out for this sick ensemble. I learned a lot about touring from this crew of beautiful nutjobs. It was through this band that I befriended Jessica Pavone, now a full-time member of JOBS.

Interestingly, Angelo (In One Wind), Jeremy (Chrome Sparks), and Amnon (Normal Love) all went to the same performing-arts high school in Pennsylvania, though separated by three years each...


Ava Mendoza’s unnatural ways

Unnatural Ways is the brainchild of guitarist Ava Mendoza. I had the privilege of playing in this band for about a year (2014-2015), and Ava provided my first opportunity to tour in Europe. Not only that, she paired me with Tim Dahl (Lydia Lunch, Child Abuse), who is hilarious and very talented. I learned so much from the two of them in our travels and performances together.


Man forever

Man Forever is a project led by Oneida drummer Kid Millions. From 2014-2016, I participated in a series of performances of his piece “The Clear Realization” from his album Ryonen. This is a video from our performance at The Windup Space in Baltimore, MD, with Max Almario (Celestial Shore, Yonatan Gat) on bongos and Jeremy Hyman (Avey Tare, Boredoms) on hi-hat.


Delicate Steve

Another band that I started out a fan of and ended up playing in. I toured with Delicate Steve in 2016-2017 and it was great fun playing with him. At one point, Jessica Pavone joined me in this group as the bass player! I was fortunate to do a Tiny Desk Concert with Steve at NPR’s offices in Washington D.C., seen here.



Rubblebucket is a wonderful pop group brimming with ecstatic genius. I have had the privilege of touring with them occasionally since 2016, and every show is a party. I’ve learned a lot from playing and touring with this group.


david wax museum

David Wax Museum is a folk and roots rock band fronted by the husband-and-wife team of David Wax and Suz Slezak. I first met them when In One Wind opened for them in Northampton, MA and years later was asked to tour and record with them. Highlights include recording on their album Guesthouse and opening with them for Buena Vista Social Club in 2015.


Dear Leader

Improvised dance music. Joke band. An excuse for friends to get together and perform. But to make good on the attempts we made at being a real band, we put a ton of work into a single performance. Halloween 2015. TRL Divas Cover Band. Brittney, Mariah, Aaliyah (although she was kinda pre-TRL), Destiny’s Child, and more. We enlisted many additional friends to make this possible, such as Felicia Douglass (Ava Luna, Gemma, Dirty Projectors) in the role of Aaliyah, Amirtha Kidambi in the role of Mariah Carey, and Alena Spanger (Leverage Models, Tiny Hazard) in the role of Brittney.

Also RIP Silent Barn



Brandon Seabrook - guitar Brandon Lopez - bass Max Jaffe - drums

"The Quartet" featuring Carlo Costa (percussion), David Grollman (percussion), Flin van Hemmen (percussion), & Max Jaffe (percussion) My Tongue Crumbles After: Sean Ali solo CD Release event at the Fridman Gallery Soho, New York - Jan.19.2017